Mr D McDonald Instructor RTSD

Mr Dean McDonald 2nd Dan                                                           

Mr McDonald started training at a young age, he has a background of many sports including Rugby and Basketball, he particular excels in Parkour (Free Running) as a side to his karate. You can see him in action with his troop on the web at

Dean says - "I started practicing Tang Soo Do around 1997, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon!

I joined the Royal Air Force in early 2010 I still train & teach as much as possible, I'm hoping to start my own club within the RAF as soon as I can.

Aside to Karate I practice boxing with RAF and also practice 'Le Parkour' (commonly known and Freerunning). I've been freerunning since 2006, being part of a team called 'Inner City Monkeys' (

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