Mr L Hartt RTSD Master  

Mr Hartt has previously trained in various martial arts. These include Judo, Ishinryu, Kickboxing and Shaolin Kung Fu all from the age of 8. He finally found his niche with the World Tang Soo Do Association ("WTSDA") in 1994.

Since then he has never looked back. The WTSDA has brought many high points for Mr Hartt including regional, British and European gold's, silver's and bronze's. 3 overall Grand Champion titles (1st in free-sparing/weapons/kata). World champion medallist at World Championships, Las Vegas 1996 & Los Angeles 2006. Overall European Grand Champion 2005 & 2009 and Grand Champion Greece 2008.

Apart from the competitions, Mr Hartt has made many friends within the WTSDA throughout the UK, USA and Europe with like minded individuals and has had the privilege to train and grade students in different countries.
(Master Hartt is also a fully qualified WTSDA instructor and is RTSD Master for Romford-Essex area)

"Getting to black belt has not been easy. The  training is hard but once you have attained black belt it is well worth all the trouble. But as they say martial arts does not stop once you have a black belt, it is the beginning of being a martial artist." - Mr Hartt, 2000